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Our Featured Listing

Our Featured Listing

Lynsey T. Doan

D.M.D. Endodontics

Attleboro, MA

Dr. Doan earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of California, Riverside in 1997 and a DMD Degree from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2005. To further her education and from the same dental school, she earned her Advanced Education in Graduate Dentistry Certificate in 2006, followed by her Endodontics Certificate in 2008.

With a passion for her profession and with patient care her top priority, Dr. Doan strives to improve people’s lives by saving one tooth at a time. At each visit you can expect and will receive painless and individualized root canal treatment delivered in a gentle and compassionate manner. Dr. Doan has set very high standards for herself and her employees and you can expect no less than a superior standard of care from the highly trained and talented staff. What fuels her commitment to excellence is forming bonds with patients and families and she goes above and beyond ensuring that every detail of their office visit is expertly handled. She has truly found her vocation and can’t imagine herself doing anything else.

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We are here to make sure your business grows is the fastest growing business directory in the Rhode Island/Massachussetts region. There is no requirement as to the size or nature of your business in order to be a part of our directory which means that your freelance home business is just as important to us as any 100+ employee business. Our job after all, is to do our very best to advertise and help connect your business with others through our directory. has implemented tools that are essential to the growth of any business.

 Some of these featured tools include the ability to add your own “Introductory” video to your listing as well as Social Media links, picture galleries, Google Maps, Live Business Hours and even the ability to sell your own products directly from your business listing. These products can be merchandise from your store or organization as well as tickets to your company events.

We have also implemented the ability to conduct SEO or Search Engine Optimization in each and every business listing in order to get better rankings in search engines such as Google.

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Our Mission is to maintain an active online community that encourages
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Our commitment is to ensure our vendors that their business advertising is in good hands, with a team ready to help provide them branding and exposure. 

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“Everyone recommended on, after we just bought our condo did phenomenal work and that includes a plumber, painter, and rug installer!!! Each one was very professional, and trust me, I am not easy to please when it comes to house upgrades!! So, thank you for all your Best of The Best vendors on your site because it’s not easy getting reputable people who take pride in everything they do!!”

-Christie M.