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Your Eco Assistant

I am an online service provider for ecopreneurs, ethical/sustainable businesses and positive change-makers. I help by boosting business visibility, reach and productivity all while maintaining humour & sanity. I assist in getting back precious time in your business by taking away the menial tasks that are literal time suckers. Getting you active on social platforms so that you can sit back and watch the organic traffic come running to you! I provide time freedom so you can really focus on the bigger picture. I help you help our world!

Annemarie Strehl

I help fellow entrepreneurs creatively show off their passion and business in video marketing through long-term video strategy and creative scripting. This way, they can fully focus on their business while I take care of the video creation and editing.

My services include:
– Video content planning
– Strategic script writing
– Full video and teaser clip editing

WebPixel Technologies

WebPixel Technologies was founded in the year 2009 with the vision, “To provide quality solutions and innovations beyond imaginations”. We work hard as being the best technology partner to provide high-quality cost-effective services to clients and those businesses who want to maximize their ROI and REACH by harnessing the unlimited power of information technology. Today we have a dedicated team of over 50+ highly qualified professionals operating from our facilities in India. We have sustained a growth rate of 160% annually fueled by the high delivery standards we maintain and pride in. Within a time-span of just 9 years, we have successfully delivered over 600+ projects to clients worldwide.At WebPixel Technologies, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business.

We are committed to helping our clients to bring their web and mobile app development solutions to stand-up to competitive market while reducing overall development costs.

UPgraded MindsetZ

My full name is Kisha, going most of the time by Kay. I provide a clear pathway with my Life Coaching Services for Women who seek an unrestricted path for positive guidance and reinforcement within their MINDSET. My purpose and ultimate dream on my journey is to motivate, inspire and rejuvenate those who feel restricted and Negative!

We provide a platform of ongoing Coaching services that we see are needed, as well as necessary for us women to stay focused on our goals of ultimate success and self abundance! This is the time for ALL women to be winning! UPgraded MindsetZ is here for the ladies who want to figure out how to get unstuck in their way of thinking that is hindering and restricting their growth!


thefaceSEAL Value Statement:

Be Fully Seen, Fully Safe, and Fully Known

Company Values:

Safety. Empathy. Authenticity. Leadership.

Mary Yamin-Garone

I’m an award-winning writer and editor; a writing/book coach; and the president and CEO of The Ys One Writing Service. I help women entrepreneurs improve their writing so they can bring their words to life with confidence and clarity.

The Freedom Era

I run an online business showing people the 7 pillars to creating high profit, high impact business using a high ticket item while aligned with a large high vibe, supportive tribe of cononsious 7 figure entrepreneurs. I do this also as an affiliate and show others how to create an epic online business from home even if they’ve never had a business before. I help people become apart of the 1% of people making money online and support them as they themselves become conscious entrepreneurs, creating their very own platform which positively impacts the planet as well as other human beings. I then show them how to attract and create their very own personal brand, avatar and soulmate tribe. The advantages of automation, attraction marketing and soul-alignment leave clues.


Strama Virtual

I help small business owners create quality content, market their biz, & get back more time for themselves!

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I help creative female entrepreneurs create an inspiring visual brand by teaching them how to take their own brand photos.


Learn to Look

For years, image counseling and stylists were an exclusive luxury for celebrities, excluding real women. In LTL, we believe that every woman has the right to look good. And that should cost nothing. So no, this is not a simple fashion and style magazine, it is a guide to a better personal image. One that fits yourself instead of impose the ultimate garment of the season. Welcome to our jorney. We hope you can learn to look at yourself at the mirror and love who you are, as you are.


Fuse Salon & Gallery

Hair salon merged with local art gallery, I also make soy candles, soap and body products



Writer, Social Media Manager and Online Business Manager

Email Address:


Elevate Video Editing

Through my video editing expertise, I help female entrepreneurs elevate their influence & authority while enabling them to have more time for things that truly matter – their business and personal life.


Yummy BoXx

Tell Us About Your Business: Custom-made, natural body care creations created with organic and simple ingredients.



High end ergonomic stainless steel cutlery, M Cailloux adds sophistication and functionality to the table.
Your choice of tableware can alter the taste of your food as it affects how pleasurable you perceive it.
M Cailloux Cutlery has the right weight, shape and finish for the utmost luxurious experience.
The Cutlery is manufactured with the highest Stainless Steel Quality and had been individually hand mirror polished
Silver and gold plating service available as well as name engraving.


Christian Nicole Promotions

 I am a digital marketing specialist. I specialize in public relations. I help individuals get featured on major news and music publications.


Be Happy Boutique

Be Happy Boutique was an idea that dates back over 20 years ago. I have always dreamed of owning a boutique that would inspire my customers just by browsing the store.  I worked as an ER Nurse for many years and finally took the leap to give up my scrubs and open my Happy Place! My goal is to treat all of my customers with genuine care and appreciation.  My desire is to bring back the old fashion value of getting to know them for who they are and not what they purchase!  

Our store Flower is the Red poppy.  The poppy flower has been known to grow in even the worst circumstances into a blooming bright flower. As the poppy grows its buds bows its head with promise of becoming a bright vibrant flower. Like the poppy flower, we too can flourish amidst poor circumstances or misfortune.

It’s called Hope, Faith, and Growth.


Ayesha Noelle

I am a Mindset & Business coach that helps aspiring #bossbabes get UNSTUCK to start a service-based business.
I have 1:1 coaching programs and will soon launch a course to start your own business during the pandemic.
Follow me for valuable tips.


A Brilliant Blessings llc

 Zoom, online
An easy to learn stress relief for groups, or singles on the go.


Accepting Chaos

~ Online Marketing | Health | Travel | Financial ~
•My Passion is People: Helping You Overcome Struggles with Individualized Solutions•

Specializing In: Organic Lead Generation, Social Media Optimization, Automation, Business Development, Travel Advisor services, Making Money Online, Paid (& free) Advertising, Financial & Health Opportunities


Dr. Karla Aguilú, Psychology Services

I am a clinical psychologist who sees patients in Florida via Telehealth. I specialize in population 4-18. And work mainly on behavior, anxiety, and depression.


Element Patagonia

Sharilyn Amy – founder, +54 9 11 5158 6125 (WhatsApp/Cell)

Made by hand value from Argentina to the world: Design/Fashion/Textiles/Accessories. ElementPatagonia helps Argentine-based artisans and micro-businesses access a broader market in order to create more sustainable livelihoods. We ethically and fairly source quality goods and provide opportunities for artists from across the country to feature and sell their products.


Gossip Lashes LLC

Paterson, New Jersey
Gossip Lashes Is an Online Retail Cosmetics Company That Retails 3D Mink and Faux Mink Lashes We are In the process of adding our brand of vegan cosmetics

Wild Coast Residence

Built, owned and operated by Sharilyn Amy

An award-winning eco-hotel nestled on the beach in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve of Peninsula Valdés, Patagonia, Argentina. In a location that National Geographic calls the best place in the world to see whales, our guests enjoy views from their balconies of Southern

Right Wales and their calves that call our bay home every year. Our wildlife safaris also offer travellers an up-close experience with penguins, elephant seals, sea lions, orcas, dolphins and a host of land animals including guanacos, choique, mara, Patagonian foxes, hairy armadillos and more than 150 species of birds.



Tell Us About Your Business: Odafinstores is into beauty products.

SMA Entrepreneur Services

Raleigh, NC
I provide various services to assist with clients that will help them in their personal and professional life. I’m a Board Certified Life Coach, Notary Signing Agent and an Virtual Administrative Assistant. My services are tailored to meet your needs. Let’s see if we are a good fit…


The Lash Boutique

Albuquerque, NM
Master lash extension artist, 5+ years experience. Over 1500 hours of experience, lash services performed in 75 minutes

The Alexis Approach



The Alexis Approach is a holistic health coach who helps women lose weight and gain energy through a plant based diet so they can gain the confidence they need to live a life they love.