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Guidelines For Reviewers

Please follow these guidelines, along with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy when you leave a review. We want to ensure that your reviews are trust worthy and genuinely reflective of your buyer experience. Realize that these are guidelines and we reserve the right to update, apply and interprete them as we see fit.

No Fake Reviews Please

You cannot write a review for someone else. You cannot make up an experience. You cannot write a review for yourself. You cannot write a review for a competitor. We may ask you to provide proof of your experience, so keep proof of your experience by holding on to documentation such as a receipt, or a screenshot, that will help verify your experience.

Keep your Private Information Private

You cannot include sensitive information about you or anyone else in your reviews. Names, street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other such information that may be used to impersonate, identify, track, or contact you or someone else is not allowed. We want to ensure everyone’s safety and privacy is safeguarded.

No Promotions Please.

Promotional links, discount codes or other marking material are not allowed. The review section is for you to leave a clear description of your buyer experience that will be relevant to the service being reviewed, and to potential buyers of the same product of service.

Verify the Company Before You Review

Before you review, please take the time to verify the company and location that you plan to review to ensure that you are leaving a review for the right company and service. You do not want to leave a review about how much you love your new cleaning service on a company that males gourmet pastries.

Your User Account

You will need a user account to post a review. Do not set up or use more than one account, and do not use bots. It is illegal to impersonate someone else. Everyone can see your profile and your username, profile description and picture must reflect who you are and cannot be harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory or obscene. We will delete any such profiles.

Your user account also must be connected to a valid, permanent email address in case we need to contact you.

Sometimes your account information may be is automatically pre-filled with your information, for example, if you click on an email invitation link from a company or sign up via Facebook. You can edit this to include only the information you want publicly displayed.